Easter Decorations

Unlike holidays such as Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day, Easter does not have many traditional decorations. Besides the obvious eggs, rabbits and crosses if you are religious, there aren’t many symbols that are associated with the holiday. When decorating for Easter a good place to start is with items that embody spring, such as florals and pastels, because of the holiday’s association with this season. Here are some decorations for your home that are perfect for Easter and spring.


Eggs are the most “traditional” Easter decoration. We dye eggs leading up to the holiday and hide plastic ones filled with candy for kids to find. In addition to these two types, there are a wide variety of decorative eggs available for your home. These eggs may feature intricate designs or hold a message, like the ones above. Arrange these eggs with flowers for a perfect Easter and springtime display.




ImageThis bird figurine is the ideal decoration to bring cottage-charm into your home for Easter. The quilt-like appearance is made up from a variety of patterns and pastel colors that will instantly brighten up any room. This whimsical figurine will look beautiful in a springtime display anywhere in the home.





Wreaths aren’t just for wintertime. Brighten up your front door for Easter this year with a bright wreath full of colorful flowers. This faux-wreath is made with hydrangea petals in a vibrant blue color, perfect for a lasting decoration that you can use year after year. Hydrangeas are great flowers for spring because they come in a variety of beautiful colors and their full blooms make gorgeous floral arrangements.


This three-tiered tray will look just as beautiful on display as it will in use. The light teal color and bursts of pink floral patterns are perfect for spring, while the delicate china and gold trimming will add elegance to your home year-round. Use this charming display during an afternoon tea party or as a centerpiece on the dining room table.







ImageEmbodying the bright color and floral aspects of spring, this pillow is great for adding a pop of color to your home now that the warm weather is starting to set in. The bright yellow daisy is perfectly contrasted against the crisp, white pillow for a modern, yet comfortable, appearance. Display this on a bench, bed or couch for a fun and inviting look.









Butterflies are often associated with springtime, so why not bring some into the home for Easter? The graceful swirls of this butterfly art piece will look gorgeous on the wall while the iron material will bring a rustic touch to the space.  This unique wall-hanging will look beautiful in a living room, bedroom or kitchen.

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Get the Look: Putting together a Vintage Tea

Whether inspired by a fabulous antique find or British television, here are a few tips on how to create your very own vintage tea.

The Essentials:

These are the items that separate a true vintage styled tea from just a simple tea.

Begin with teapots- Porcelain or silver, teapots add instant class and sophistication. If your teapot is not large enough to hold tea for all of your guests, use multiple smaller teapots. For a little something extra, have several teas and hang a handmade tag off of each teapot handle.

Teacups and saucers are a must- A simple setting of all white teacups and saucers will allow for patterned teapots, fancy floral arrangements and scrumptious foods to truly stand out, while patterned pieces will add up to an eclectically vintage vibe.

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Your Thanksgiving Table: 3 Ways

Break the mold and deck your table with something a little unexpected. Be it romance, au natural or vintage casual, this is the year to try something new at the Thanksgiving table.


Romantic Table

Welcome guests to a table that will romance them with soft hues, delicate patterns and unexpected textures.

Get your hues together – and mix soft pinks and greens with cream for a cheery fall pallet. When these colors are mixed with less delicate items, such as urns and wooden serving pieces, the combination creates an undeniably romantic autumn dinner.

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Wonderful Wire Decor

Wire no longer needs to be limited to the coop, so bring this rustic detail inside for creative organization and rustic appeal.


Baskets are a staple in many rooms, but this doesn’t mean they all have to be alike. Kick up your organizational décor by opting for wire baskets alongside their more traditional straw counterparts.

Smaller wire bins can be used in offices for paperwork. Use open shelving to your advantage and mix wire bins with sleek photo boxes or file bins for contrast that will make your rustic treasures stand out.

Taller bins, like our wire nesting baskets, are ideal spots for corralling difficult to store rolls of gift wrap. These are also well-styled trash containers, an ideal spot to drop your latest knitting project or organize folded fabrics for a quilt.

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Kids Rooms: Design Ideas for Every Age

Outgrown shoes, forgotten toys and trendy characters are often the theme of children’s bedrooms. Give your child a space that encourages creativity and reflects their unique style, while still leaving room for growing tastes and shoe sizes.

Princess Palace

Princess Palace

For a room suitable for your little princess, ditch the glitter and opt for statement pieces.

Source: https://www.plaidparasol.com/blog/kids-rooms-design-ideas

5 Bright Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

Find the right lighting solution for the most restful room in your home.

While every room in your home deserves to feel comfortable, the one room that absolutely demands it is your bedroom. And while style and decor play a staring role in how cozy your bedroom is, a key factor for how the room feels is lighting. Check out a few of these options to find an illumination solution that will work wonders on your decor (and your state of mind).

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Pretty Patterns: Decorating with Roses

Feminine, fancy and floral – here are stylish ways to incorporate the most popular of flowers into your decor.

Floral Arrangements

The simplest way to incorporate roses in your decor is with a store-bought or homegrown bouquet. To give your bunch added style; think twice about what vase you drop them into. Here, an urn displays a pink hued bouquet beautifully. This contrast of an old, partially glazed piece of pottery and the delicate petals makes for an unusual yet appealing display.

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